What Do We Do?

We are a fiercely human brand and design agency. Discover our favorite things to do.
Ally Wilson
February 8, 2024

Epoch Design Co. started out as a one woman show in 2020, and three years later is now a thriving full-service creative agency that works with some of the top catering companies and industry organizations in the country.

We’ve also expanded into new industry segments, such as commercial real estate, professional services, healthcare, and non-profit, broadening our reference points for continuous innovation and ideation.

We specialize in. . .

Brand Strategy & Identity

We keep your people and your story at the heart of everything we do.

We immerse ourselves into your teams, culture, and day-to-day experiences to learn who you are, and provide you with the practical tools to share your identity. Our team knows no bounds when it comes to making sure we represent your company, teams, and brand as authentically as possible!

If we’re working with a commercial real estate company, we go ride in the truck, unload furniture, and work with the designer to make sure everything is picture perfect for photos. If we’re working with a catering company, we’re on the line in the back of the house and helping with plate-up for an event, or setting up a wild absinthe tasting cart.

Digital Marketing & Website Design

Digital Marketing is key to establishing your brand and helping your business grow. A poor online presence can just as easily cause decreases in revenue as it can increase. While things such as poorly worded tweets are obvious brand tankers, research shows that brands who lack inspiration and high-quality content are just as susceptible to negative perception and revenue decline.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

We’ll help you establish lead generation through social media, email marketing, blog writing, SEO, content marketing, and advertising. We also specialize in full-service website design, partial site design, site maintenance, and hosting.

Product & Service Design

Ok, secret time; packaging design might sneaky be our favorite thing to do. From lavish to funky, we're always down to chat and brainstorm ideas with our clients. We've got you covered from crafting compelling proposal designs, sales and branded marketing materials, to packaging design, swag, personalized gifts, and innovative ideas that elevate your brand's presence.

Reminder: there are no bad ideas! We love to challenge the conventional.

Outsourced Marketing

Sometimes, more is more. For less than a salaried employee, you can have an entire team of experts dedicated to elevating your business, who can execute faster and better than in-house marketing options.

When working with Epoch Design Co., we become a trusted extension of your team. We’ll handle it all - social media, digital marketing, lead generation activities, print advertising, collaterals design, and more!

Epoch Design Co. is dedicated to growing and transforming your business through immersive collaboration, and an unapologetically human-centric approach to identity and marketing strategy.

Visit us on Instagram @epochdesign.co to stay up to date on all things creative and send us a hello at www.epochdesign.co.