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Is your Marketing Director/CMO spread too thin - do they need help with all the execution work so they can focus on leading? Or, are you currently in need of marketing but don't have the budget to hire a full-time salaried leader? Contact us to learn more about our Outsourced Marketing packages, serviced directly by our in-house team of top-tier talent. We build strong relationships with your leadership to become a trusted extension of your team, and deliver impactful marketing projects that fuel growth.

Here's how it works:

1.) We immerse ourselves in your culture and dive deep into your operations, learning your business from the inside-out. We dive deep into your operations, and whenever possible, shadow your team and tour your facility to gain in-depth knowledge of your day-to-day happenings - all while making valuable connections and building trust with your teams. When this discorvery process is complete, we have a solid understanding of your business, your people, and your story.

2.) We provide you with strategic recommendations based on both data and our marketing experience to show you the path forward.

3.) We take it from there. We work to anticipate your needs, and whenever you have something new pop up, you simply ask for it - just as you would an internal hire. Whether it's advertisements, website updates, light PR, social media, email marketing, special packaging designs - whatever your needs, you'll have the full capabilities of our agency. Simply put - we've got your back!
Every client’s needs are different, and the creative process isn’t always linear. EDC is consistently open to new concepts (even if they seem crazy at first!), with an eagerness to experiment and make improvements. However, each project always begins with a Discovery Phase, during which we immerse ourselves in your culture, your business, and your product.

In the catering business? We're touring your commissary and venues, meeting your teams, and moonlighting on your plate-up line BOH at a gala. Commercial real estate? We're doing ride-alongs and site tours, visiting your offices and projects, and meeting your teams and suppliers. No matter what your industry, we want to test your products, experience your services, and most importantly - get to know the people behind the scenes who make you exceptional everyday.

From there, we're analyzing internal and external data, diving deep into your market and audiences, evaluating brand sentiment, and conducting additional research to provide you with valuable insights. We use this data as our foundation, blending information with creativity to shape original solutions, and present you with 2-3 creative concepts.

Once we're all on the same page about which concept to move forward with, the heavy lifting begins on our part through the full creative design process. We schedule regular meetings with you to provide status updates and gather regular feedback throughout the duration of the project, leading up to a scheduled rollout and implementation plan.
Why should I work with a creative agency?

EDC is a full-service creative agency, so you can work with one team to develop a strategic plan for transforming your identity across touchpoints. We’ll craft each of your products to seamlessly connect for a well-designed brand experience, alleviating the need for you to hire one firm to design your graphics (logos, patterns, images, animations, etc.), one to create your content (including photography and video styling services), another to manage your advertising, and yet another to design your website. Our philosophy is always to drive impact over intention by achieving deep alignment with who you are, and we achieve this through immersive collaboration with your culture, business, and teams. By working with an experienced creative agency, your entire marketing program can be meaningful, precise, and in alignment with your brand identity.

How much does EDC's services cost?

It depends. Every scope of work is unique, and we work closely with clients to be transparent about your needs, our costs, and your budget. That said, we can provide some basic guidance on frequent investments. Logo design typically starts at $1,100; Social media management (instagram, facebook, twitter, tiktok) typically begins at $900/month with additional for LinkedIn and Email Marketing tie-ins; Website Builds generally begin at $15,000; Outsourced Marketing typically ranges from $3,000-8,000/month. That all said, we take on projects large and small, and pride ourselves on our roster of small businesses. Reach out to us, let us know what you're working with, and if it's within our capabilities to make it happen, we'll make it happen - and if it's outside, we'll provide you with recommendations on alternate paths.

Why should I choose EDC over another agency?

There are a lot of great agencies out there, and you should always choose the one that fits you best. We've built our business on one differentiator that we're pretty proud of, however - and that's our commitment to people (that's the "Fiercely Human" piece of our own brand identity). At EDC, we dive deep to extract the stories and lived experiences of the people your brand interacts with everyday, and design with their wants, needs, habits and behaviors, likes and preferences, and values in mind. That includes your audience, of course, but it also includes another super important group of people that often get left out of the brand process - your own teams, everyone from the very bottom to the very top of leadership of your org chart. We build human-centric brands, helping to transform your teams into brand ambassadors, drive deeper audience engagement, and propel intentional growth.


A strong brand identity helps you stand out from your competitors and build a loyal, trusting customer base. It helps clarify what your brand stands for, and what can be expected from it. Strategic investment in a sustainable brand provides a competitive advantage by supporting advertising, growing financial value, inspiring employees, and building new customers.

When working with EDC, we will help you tell your brand story with joy and intention, combining the visual and verbal aspects of your company to create a unique and memorable impression in the minds of your customers. We’ll leave no stone uncovered – throughout the branding process we’ll examine your brand's name, logo, colors, typography, imagery, and taglines, as well as your brand's voice and the way you communicate. Working together, we’ll empower your team with the practical tools needed to become your own brand ambassadors.

Arguably the most exciting part of the creative process, the deliverables you can expect from EDC will be highly creative, intentional, and usable. We’re here to tell YOUR story, and our ability to provide work that is simultaneously professional while also full of personal, one-of-a-kind touches is a serious point of pride for us.

Some brand identities are created from the ground-up, while others involve updates to an existing identity or collection of brands. A good brand should last you at least 5-7 years; because we want it done right, and we want the work we do to stand the test of time, this process can take several months to complete.

While we always finalize everything collaboratively in the discovery phase of the creative process, key deliverables EDC typically recommends when developing a new brand identity include Brand Guidelines, Style Guidelines, Visual Identity Toolkits, Branded Templates, Buyer Personas, Advertising & Client Engagement Strategies, and Roll-Out & Implementation Plans.

Does EDC offer photography services?

Yes! Founder Ash Boucher is an experienced photographer and food stylist. She's shot several commercial culinary and catering shoots, events, headshots, and family photos. If the scope of work is outside EDC's expertise, we'll coordinate photography and styling through our superb network of vendors.

What platform does EDC use to design & build websites?

We can produce websites in nearly all major platforms. Most of our clients use Webflow, WordPress, Wix, and ShowIt. What are your needs? Do you want something that allows for easy in-house edits and updates, or do you want something more comprehensive with lots of interactions? We'll design on the platform that works best for you.

Can I hire EDC for a single small project, such as a print ad?

Yes! Contact us to discuss what you need, and we'll give you a quote. Pricing for simple print ads starts at $150.