The Bourbon Hobo

About this Project
A bold identity that doesn't take itself too seriously.
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Concept • Creative Direction • Visual Design

Aaron Shelton, Executive Bourbon Steward, is on a mission to make bourbon fun and approachable for all. In addition to being an experienced Barrel Consultant and concierge, he offers relaxed tastings for a wide scope of events, including corporate events and holiday soirees, non-profit events and fundraisers, and private social parties. His tastings are educational, offering everything from a 101-style lesson on all the basics of Bourbon, to a more curated experience via his AP and Master Classes, drawing on his expertise as a Certified Executive Bourbon Steward for the true enthusiasts.

Our work with Aaron included the development of a visual identity, updated brand photography, and design of key print collaterals to support his sales and marketing goals. A lover of rock music and covered in tattoos, and also a well-regarded Physical Therapist, Aaron loathed the idea of a brand identity that to him would feel stuffy or pretentious - he was looking for something that reflected his personality and drove home the approachability he strives for to differentiate his business model. A little bit rock and roll, a saturated color palette, and always professional (even while fun). Using a hand-drawn illustration from his tattoo artist as his official logo, we then pulled on references gathered in our discovery phase with The Bourbon Hobo, and married them with warm colors that exude a classic bourbon feel, elements of leather and tobacco, and a photography style that felt of-the-moment.

Smaller projects like this can have a huge impact on your marketing program and its ability to generate new leads and revenue. We've built our reputation at EDC for building large-scale brand identities, but we began our company as a small business helping other startups and small companies grow. We love the hustle of small business, and are always game to take on projects of all shapes and sizes to help transform your business.